"What a wonderful and educational opportunity it was. I met with some greate people and networked with many others who I would never have had the opportunity to do so."

Welcome Address

By Brian Shuster

VRVana Presentation

With Bertrand Nepveu

GameFace Labs Presentation

With Ed Mason

The Future of VR

Presented by Bertrand Nepveu, Marc Oliver LePage, Manuel Gutierrez, Ed Mason and Jamie Kelly

VRCade Presentation

Presented by Jamie Kelly

Crowd Funding Strategies

Presented by Greg Piccionelli

ImmersiON VRELIA Presentation

Presented by Manuel Gutierrez

Metaio Presentation

Presented by Amande Le

Keynote Address

with Caitlyn Meeks Ferragallo

Reincloud Presentation

Presented by Dan Reitan
Presentation Slides available here

The Future of Virtual Worlds

With Amanda Le, Dan Reitan, Liviu Antoni and Craig Gilbert

Altergaze Presentation

Presented by Liviu Antoni

MasterMind Meeting

With Brian Shuster, Anna Lee and Aaron Burch

Total Cinema 360 Presentation

Presented by Craig Gilbert

Deco With Realism

Presented by VeronicaFrancoUA

Virtual World Etiquette

Presented by VeronicaFrancoUA

How to Savor Virtual Love, Like Dim Sum

Presented by Lea Tesoro

What is the Engagement Level of Your Virtual Relationship

Presented by Pamala Clift

Virtual Con 2014 Audience Choice Awards

Hosted by Anna Lee